Creating a Sitemap

Creating a Sitemap

Creating a sitemap for Google to link to your website is fairly easy. *Note – To begin this process you need to have a Google account. All you need to do to create a Google account is go to and type in the search bar “create a Google account”. When you have your Google account created you may now proceed to the creation of your sitemap.


 Type into your address bar and put your domain name in the specific box called “Type your domain name or page name here” –

Sitemap Part 1

 You can check download or you can just copy the code at the end, your choice.


 After you hit submit you can copy the information in the red box and put inside a text file. Text file meaning any text editor, such as, your Text Document editor in Windows.

Sitemap Part 3

 When you copy the sitemap information and put it into a text document you must save the text document as sitemap.xml. After this is done you have to upload text document to root folder on your server (FTP) of the specific website you sitemaped.  When this is done you can now log into your Google Web account and go to Google Webmaster Tools and submit the sitemap to them.

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