DoFollow NoFollow Blogs

DoFollow NoFollow Blogs

You might be asking what is DoFollow and NoFollow? Well, if you are, you are in for a treat. 

Becoming familiar with DoFollow and NoFollow are can make or break your SEO campaign. Let’s begin with NoFollow:

Understanding NoFollow links can be somewhat complicated, but we are going to give you a basic synopsis on what they are and how they are used:

You might find as a Blogger that spammers and junk comments can really disrupt a comment system. NoFollow was created to help put a stop to spammers from commenting excessively, these spammers only had one thing in mind, to get all the free links they can pointed back to their website. Spammers and junk comments are only used to benefit those that post the comments, NoFollow was designed to make those junk comments not have the ability to linkback to the spammers specific website.

Currently, there are many Bloggers that have had it with junk comments not pertaining to the article or post they have written. So the Bloggers have increased use of the NoFollow links in their commenting systems or their whole website.

NoFollow can look like this when searching source code:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">

The rel=”nofollow” part is what makes the search engines not to follow this particular link. Knowing that the NoFollow link is used on a website gives no use to any spammers because it is no use of SEO to them.

So if you are posting in the comments sections of a high ranked website, and think you are increasing your backlinks, you could be doing all this work for no reason at all.

The problem with this is many legit posters are not able to linkback to websites they are contributing to, it’s sad what spammers and junk comments have produced.

There are many websites that don’t use NoFollow:

You really have to do some searching (which I will give some great resources below) but once you find DoFollow Bloggers that have websites that pertain to yours, you can start to become apart of their community, supplying clean comments that relate to articles and posts they have written.

You must understand that when you are searching for Blogs to comment in, make sure they are DoFollow!

DoFollow is how backlinking should be conducted. DoFollow is when links in your CMS commenting system or website are allowed, of course, you need to make sure that the backlinks are legit.

This can increase your commenting on your website, this is due to people wanting to be part of a solid community that can maintain their backlinks.

The best way to see if a Blog is DoFollow is to use Firefox Plugin:

Thankfully, there is a Firefox plugin to narrow down what Blogs are DoFollow, I would recommend trying it out, it will save you a load of time!

 Firefox Plugin Here

This plugin can make sure you are posting comments on DoFollow websites, and not spending hours posting on unethical websites that NoFollow.

How the Firefox plugin works. Basically, the links that are highlighted pink are the links that are considered NoFollow, and the links that are highlighted purple are links that will be DoFollow, the purple highlighted links, which are DoFollow in the comments section, are the backlinks you are looking for!

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  • Jeff

    Thank you for sharing this article, it really helped me get a handle on DoFollow and NoFollow, I think everyone should be using DoFollow in my option!

    • Chad Meyer

      You are very welcome Jeff, I also believe that DoFollow should be used by everyone, but some people just do not want to take the time and moderate their website.

  • ambreen11

    I enjoyed reading your post and really like your style. I have bookmarked for future visits …. Keep up the good work.

    • cm4545

      Thank you, I appreciate your kind words, keep on blogging!