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Chad M.

Web Director

Chad is the Founder and Lead Product Designer/Developer at Valentino Web Design. He has worked with a broad range of clients, including Airpark Pak N Ship, Desert Reflections Companies LLC, Champion Property Restorations & many more…

Over time, Chad has helped companies take their concepts from blueprints and notes, to completely developed professionally made masterpieces, products that sustain time & created specialized communities. He has a vast range of expertise, including mobile development, user interface, interaction design, website maintenance services, social media & web development.

Chad is a proactive member within the web community & can be frequently found at local gatherings & conventions around Phoenix, Arizona & Monroe, Michigan. He studied Criminal Justice at The University of Toledo, in Ohio. He has vast background in technology security management.

Chad has had numerous Bodybuilding and Fitness Modeling achievements, he applies those experiences, that called for hard work and dedication, to the web development arena. Chad feels that having a personal relationship with Christ & fit lifestyle can be the cornerstone to overall Peace and Health.

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Ben W.

SEO Strategist

eMarketing and SEO Strategist Ben W. has played a large role in creating successful SEO and marketing campaigns. He has worked on numerous projects and continues to be a strong hold within our Digital Marketing and SEO department.

Ben has achieved a wide range of goals to be a part of Valentino Web Design. With the best rated customer satisfaction we’ve seen, Ben stand’s out of the crowd to lead with innovation and determination to assist all clients he works with.

Ben’s performance raises the bar as a Digital Marketing and SEO Strategist, but he also plays a large role in the medical field as well, as a physician, he knows what it takes to put forth hard work & dedication. When Ben W. puts his devotion and commitment to assist you, you can be sure that nothing but the best will come out!

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