How to Add Google Translate in WordPress

How to Add Google Translate in WordPress

Google Translate

Let me guess, you’ve been looking for a way to translate your WordPress pages and haven’t found anything as of yet? Let’s face it, your business could be losing out on clientele because your WordPress website doesn’t have options for translation. You also don’t want to drop a bunch a money on a confusing plugin that is hard to maintain, right? Well, below we will walk you through how to use Google Translate on your WordPress website for free. Let’s get started below.

Adding Google Translate to your WordPress Website:

First and foremost you need to download the Google Language Translator plugin for WordPress. This plugin will allow you to use Google Translator anywhere on your website. So go to Plugins and search for “Google Language Translator”. The plugin should come up and then you can proceed to install via your WordPress admin panel.

After you install and your Google Language Translator plugin is activated, you will want to go to Setting->Google Language Translator. From there you can click the check box that say’s, “Click Here to Activate Google Language Translator” as image shows below.  You will also want to change, “Choose the original language of your website” to your original language. Mine is set for English, but you can choose whichever you desire.

Next is to either add a specific language or use all languages. You can select specific languages to use for this WordPress plugin, which makes it very handy if you only want your website to be translated to one or two languages. I have mine on specific languages to make ease of access for my clientele. All you have to do now is click update and proceed.


Using Widgets to Add Google Translate to your WordPress Website:

After you’ve updated the plugins you can now move to your Appearance->Widgets copy and paste the Google Translator code into whichever widget area you would like the Google Translator to be in, see code to put in Widget in image below.

For personal preference, I would put in the header of your WordPress website, as it is the most navigated part. Save your Widget and check your WordPress website to see if it’s working correctly. If you need an example of what Google Translator looks like on a WordPress website, just look at my header, as you can see the Google translator is up there. Give it a try, see what you think.


Keep in mind that the Google Translator doesn’t translate perfectly, but it’s better than having nothing! Google Translator allows your users or potential clients to translate all or just one of your pages, it’s a very useful tool to have when we need to break those language barriers. Tell us what you think below? Do you believe that this can benefit your website or not?

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to assist you more in the future with WordPress guides and step-by-step tutorials.

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